1 repeating group, different types of articles HELP!

Am I being thick?

I’ve built a help centre which is a repeating group that holds the article’s title, sub-title, author’s picture, author’s name, and the article itself.

You choose a category, it takes you to the next page, uses URL parameters to show you the lists of articles that match your category and then you can click the article and it uses the unique ID into the URL parameter that’s passed to the next page which shows that article based on the unique ID. Works like a charm. (Tried custom tabs on one page but I need to be able to click back and go one back not to the beginning).

I created an admin page that holds an input for the article’s title, sub-title, author’s picture, author’s name, and the article itself.


Some articles I want to have BUTTONS, some I want to have FORMS. Some buttons will be in between the article text, some forms will be the same. They could be one line into the article text or at the middle, or at the end. The article text is RICH TEXT but there is NO way to add input forms or buttons to that.

It’s driving me mad.

You search “Submit a request” on my help centre and it should show the article with a form on to submit a request and a button. You search “Get Started” and it may not have any forms or buttons.

How is this possibly done?

Not interested in building popups based on links etc. It needs to be inside the repeating group itself.

Is this based off of dynamic situations or are you saying it as options and you don’t care which option is used so long as you can get your overall feature of having either a button or an input element ( I suppose you saying form maybe implies multiple input elements )?

Hi @boston85719,

Dynamic, so I’ll use Facebook’s help centre as an example, all articles load in the exact same place but they’re all different layouts, some with buttons, some with forms, some with no buttons or forms, some forms are different, some have more text, less text, more buttons, less buttons. see images below:-

I dont think those are dynamic or part of a repeating group…I believe those are probably all individually built. What you might be wanting to do is to create each article separately in its own group. Set up on conditionals for when to show them and have them collapse height when hidden…really couldn’t imagine how they could dynamically set the placement of all the elements to each form.

Thanks for helping me so far; I can’t see how that could possibly work. I’d need to log in to my bubble app editor, create a new group, build a form, add the conditionals, hide/show etc, show this group if search value contains this group, hide if not, to over thousands of articles, one by one.

That would take an unbelievable amount of time and also that way doesn’t allow a normal user to create an article themselves.

I’ve done the following:-

    • Kept the articles in the repeating group
    • Instead of one rich text box I have two with a group box called ‘Form/Button Holder’ in between them (this will hold a button or a form)
    • Added a new thing to the Help Centre data called ‘Has button/form’ as a yes/no field
    • Had a tick box in the admin panel that says “tick if this article will contain a button or form”
    • The person creating the article will write their article on rich text box 1 and when they want a form or button to follow mid article they stop writing in rich text box 1 and continue in rich text box 2
    • Then they click save

The form or button would then need to be built by me by creating another group inside that group between the texts for example the group would be called “Name Change Form”. I’d then build the form with the conditions “When Parent Groups’ Help Centre’s Unique ID is [long number] this form is VISIBLE” and “When Parent Groups’ Help Centre’s Unique ID is not [long number] this form is NOT VISIBLE”. the group that holds that group (Form/Button Holder Group) conditions would then be "When Parent Groups’s Help Centre’s Has button/form is YES this form is visible’ and "When Parent Groups’s Help Centre’s Has button/form is NO this form is not visible’

Both groups have ‘Collapse height when hidden’.

The above works, but the issue is I have to build the form or add button and conditions myself, and it’s a workaround. Ideally the user would build their own form/button and it would add itself to their article in the right place saving me sitting there building each form one by one and playing around with conditions and groups which would be a nightmare.

EDIT: This is the quickest way I’ve found by far. It also allows you to edit the article once it’s live with a click of a button on the condition you’re the author. All articles are in the database which can be exported easily and you can import articles directly in, the help centre runs well and the only things that require manual building are the forms and buttons. To bypass this you use an external form builder embedded into the admin panel that matches your design. You’d then build the form easily and quickly, take the url of the form and place it into a text input field in your admin panel that gets saved with your article. This url is saved in a field in your help centre database. You then add an iframe with modified iframe code so that it’s longer and shorter depending on the form to your “button/form holder” group that pulls the form url into it per repeater cell and voila works! I prefer to manually add them without the external form builder but it does what I want.

Thanks @boston85719 for your input :slight_smile:

I had no idea you were looking to do this for thousands of articles. I thought this was a help page for an application that would have a limited number of articles needed.

In your case of having users create articles etc. it sounds like your application is meant to be an application that others subscribe to for the purposes of building their own help systems to implement within their own apps, or at least plugin into your app in some way.

I’ve seen some plugins, can’t remember which ones, but their purpose was to allow a user to add elements from bubble to create their own…I think the plugin or application was showcased within the past two months…looked really good and could be the solution you need to allow users to fully customize their own help articles complete with buttons and inputs…not sure if this plugin also allowed the user to add workflows to save the input values or to trigger from button presses.

Yeah, I also will be writing articles very quickly and have multiple people doing so, so the manual individual way would require them to have direct access to my editor which cannot happen.

Not quite - It’ll work similar to a news company, authors can write their own news articles but the news articles are for learning and teaching, so it’ll be merged with my actual help centre instead of keeping them separate and it’ll be filtered by user articles and our articles. Similar to if you created a post on here, and Bubble created a post on here, it’s still under one forum (in my case help centre). I don’t really need author’s to be able to build forms or add buttons but it’s always nice to know it’s possible in the future. I.e authors can add buttons to their articles to navigate them to other helpful articles or step by step tutorials.

That plugin sounds like it would definitely help, I’ll have a look into it for sure!

Your input allowed me to somewhat resolve this to some degree of satisfaction so thanks mate!

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