10/25/17 Issues?

I’m unable to load the app editor for any of my apps, and when I try to reload the page that has my list of apps, it won’t load. Is this happening for anybody else?

I’m in Virginia accessing on a Windows 10 desktop with the latest version of Chrome.


Just got this error:

{“statusCode”:400,“message”:“Operation timed out – app too busy”}

status.bubble.is looks all green, though.

Same, Bubble isn’t loading.

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Ok, I’m going to file a support ticket.


Loading but being super slow for me.

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The latest from http://status.bubble.is/

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Thanks! That must’ve gone live 10 seconds before I hit the “send” button on my email.

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Same here

it works fine for me. But I am on ‘professional’ plan. IDK if that matters or on which plan you are on.

As of 10:26am PST It appears that both my app and editor are loading. (Issue I was seeing was data randomly dropping for certain cells for a couple of minutes).

It started working for me about 5 minutes ago, it seems.

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Facing Issues now

keep getting this

{“statusCode”:400,“message”:“Operation timed out – app too busy”}

Extreme Load Times… :angry:


Yep, looks like I’m getting the errors again myself.

status.bubble.is is flagging the issue as database issues right now.

I’m in the editor/preview site but barely hanging on to a thread. Definitely slow.

It’s back!!! The Bubble team is on top of it though.

Yep, they just added a notification.

Funny! That’s what happens when you finally decided I had too much R&R today and you want to start working! LOL

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