Bubble so slow in the last hour, what's going on?

Hi, is anybody else experiencing this?
I’m sure my connection is fine and on different devices I see my pages taking long time before loading. On loaded pages, calculated fields and RGs take ages to update and in some cases do not updated at all (page did not go idle).
All this started approx. 1 hour ago, before everything was fine.
I’m based in Milan, Italy.

Yep, me as well. It’s unusable at the moment.

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Looks like there is something, Latency is abnormal: https://status.bubble.io

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A little bit slower here in Europe /France, but less dramatic that in your case…

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Same here. Bubble keeps going “timeout” because of weak connection but my speed is fine. I’m based in Italy too.

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It’s impossible to work right now :cry:

Maybe @eve can tell us if they have noticed the issue …

Hey folks, nothing concrete yet, so if you’re seeing this, please submit a bug report! If you could share a screen recording of your load time, with the browser’s console open to the Network tab, that might be helpful for us as well. :slight_smile:

Is this in the editor or the development/production environment? I’m seeing everything run fine on my end

Ok glad I’m not the only one. This started last night - I was wondering why my RG’s were taking a while to load! Hopefully this is actually an issue - A 25 item RG shouldn’t take too long at all to load.

Looks like is back to normal :crossed_fingers:

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Yes back to normal but I’m quite scared of the little reliability of Bubble. It’s not the first time I’m experiencing server-side problems. I’m going to the market with a service that becomes unusable in cases like this.
Thanks to all people in the thread for the feedback.

Bubble uses Cloudflare and they reported some issues in the Pacific northwest with latency.



Ah nice catch!


Check out the Bubble status page to relieve some of your reliability worries.


@emmanuel I noticed that the Bubble status page reported an issue with the imgix API, is there a way you could add notifications for cloudflare issues as well?

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Hey there Bubble can because Cloudflare uses Atlassian Statuspage and so does Bubble,

However, if Cloudflare doesn’t mark their status component as something other than Operational, then it won’t show up. For example, I have a component on my statuspage linked up to Cloudflare’s API, and when Cloudflare marks it as Major Outage, Partial Outage, Degraded Performance, or anything similar then it shows up on my statuspage, otherwise not.

That makes sense! I would imagine that they are pretty on top of posting issues but I’m sure some fall through the cracks. Having updates about some would be better than none.

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