$100/hour - Page Load Speed Expert Needed

Hey Bubblers. I recently converted my app to a Single Page App (SPA) because each page was taking 3-5 seconds to load previously and customers complained about slow navigation.

Now, the SPA is taking 10+ seconds to load each time. A lot of that load time is also a white screen which is a bad experience and leading to new complaints.

I’m looking for a Bubble Pro for a short-term project (5-20 hours) to:

  1. Inspect app to find what is causing the app to load so slowly.
  2. Implement changes to speed up page load speed.
  3. Add loading animations where needed on RGs so customers don’t complain.

I am paying up to $100 per hour depending on expertise. Please DM me if you have helped with these types of problems before. Would like to know of previous examples of projects you completed like this. Please include your hourly rate.



Hey Rod!

I would be happy to take a peek under the hood. I’d imagine it’s likely due to data loading and plugins but you never know till you look!
Rate: 100/hr

Part of my daily job is ensuring the platform I work for pulls in and displays data from an external DB as performantly as possible.

My timeline opens up next week for new work if you’d wanna chat more!

Book some time on my cal via codelessconsultant.com


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I am certified bubble developer by Airdev.

As i am building my portfolio, i would love to take a look to you app, and see what can i do to make it more responsive.

I will not charge you, but when i am finished and you get what you expected, if you wish can give me a compensation of my time. But its up to you i wont you.

I just ask you, to give a testimonial on my site, about my work.


Let us know the culprit when you find it. It’s usually one or more of the below:

  • Loading a ton of data
  • Large images or an excessive number of elements
  • Resource heavy workflows
  • A buggy plugin

I have some general ideas and even know how to fix them. I just don’t have the time to do it myself in addition to other features I need to build. Hopefully I learn something new from whoever I hire.


There is no problem in HTML/CSS
Problem with 2 JS files, which might be uses in some of your plugin:

Look at here

If I’m not wrong they are not async, so your page makes a request and waits for response.


I can recommend @rico.trevisan


Any luck solving it?

I highly recommend jared for this type of work. He’s knows bubble well and we’ve used him in the past for our own projects.


I missed my appointment with Rod :sob: . Been with sick kids and I dropped that ball. Thanks though @gilles I do the best that I can !

Sorry, Rod!


Take care!

Nothing too significant yet. A few of the experts I talked to were backend focused but said my DB and searches seemed pretty fast so it wasn’t that. It’s a frontend focused problem.

While I did a few things, one big thing was not sending data to each of the reusable elements I use for each page in the SPA. That provided biggest boost to page load so far.

Other things involved using debug mode and running step-by-step to see each action that ran on page load. There were a few reusable elements that had “Page loaded” triggers that I changed to “Do when ThisCustomDefinition is visible” instead.

I think I got around a 30% decrease in load time already but definitely looking for more.


Hope the kids alright! Had a hectic couple weeks so circling back here thanks to everyone commenting haha.

Check out my reply above. If you still think you can help with load speeds or at least the load speeds a user feels, then let’s chat: Calendly - Rod Danan

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My home page is actually built on Versoly - not Bubble. Appreciate you trying to check that out though!

Happy to chat @rod.danan - I’ve had a lot of experience with page load speeds in a range of use cases.

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Hey @rod.danan,

Out of curiosity, I’ve just set up an account on your app and run a few chrome lighthouse audits.

It’s hard to say until I look into the backend and run the app with the debug mode turned on etc.

Although, looking at the report, I can see a couple of initial places to look:

  1. You have A LOT of plugins installed, and it’s blowing out the codebase that needs to load when you app loads in the user’s browser. My advice would be to first see whether there are any plugins installed that are unnecessary, whether there are any that duplicate functionality or whether there are plugins that are fairly large and you only use them for small function. There may be opportunities to replace those underperforming plugins with a snippet of code or build the function that they do manually to stop loading all of this third-party code.

  2. While less impactful, I can see that you are loading a lot of different fonts. This is an easy win and you should aim to load as few fonts as possible - i.e. 1-2 only. Every additional font family you load adds to load time. Either you have used a lot of different fonts in your app, or you have a lot of styles set up that use different fonts. Even if you don’t use a defined style in your app, it still loads every time your page loads, and if it’s requiring a new font, that will be downloaded too!

The way to get your app loading faster is likely going to be a number of small modifications that will add up to a much improved load time. Once there’s no more meaningful optimisations to be had, then the focus can shift to increasing perceived load times by being thoughtful about when you load certain aspects of the app, what animations you put in place to provide user feedback etc.

I know you have also just gone from a multi-page to SPA. But in most cases the right answer is somewhere in between. i.e. what typically works best is to group functions together and only load those screens that users will likely use together. i.e. loading the settings page and all of the functions to update the user’s profile every time they go to respond to a message adds unnecessary weight to the page for something that will be seldom accessed by users.

A great place to start might be to book one of my Burst my Bubble services, and then from there we’d be able to discuss implementing some of the insights gained through that review. Here’s a post from earlier in the year where I launched that service

Josh @ Support Dept
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Yep these are the first things I’d look at too - lighthouse is a great source of info :slight_smile:

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in addition to above:

do you ever have: do a search for:filtered
or do a search for:filtered advanced?
remove those by altering your database.

do you have nested reusables or nested repeating groups? try to avoid those. Bubble is not an amazing do it all tool.

do you use styles? use those everywhere.

do you have images? use tinypng beforehand to reduce size

in case you did not know many plugins just make api calls ie circumvent by using api connector and then the api call just triggers if a button is clicked and the plugin code does not have to be loaded on every page load

have you turned on the experimental setting under feature settings and versions to increase performance (only available if using new responsive). this really helped me.


You probably already did this, but if you haven’t, try to do a general clean up via the general tab:

Hey Rod,

I am looking for to solve the same challenge, did you whoever you got help you solve that challenge?