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1T - CSV Creator 3.0

There’s maybe in your database a row with an “uncirrect” format? To be honest, I don’t know what the root cause may be… Have you updated the plugin to its latest version? If you did it, can you try to downgrade the plugin version and test again?

Hey Justin, if it’s giving you the {object object} text it means it’s not coming through as text which is odd for an email field.

Try using the :formatted as text operator at the end of your search and see if that helps

I got more info it works now. I think something went wrong under the hood and radar with the expression.

I created a new download button on the page to only grab the email fields,
Header 1 - I rebuilt the SAME search
Header 2 - Pasted the search that wasn’t working
Header 1 worked on this export.

Then I pasted the Header 1 expression to my original download button workflow and it worked.

Thanks for the help from both of you and thanks Eli for the great plugin!

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Hi Eli,

As others stated, this is a great plugin. I just started using JSON to CSV and it’s amazing what you can do.

Another use case I was trying to achieve is creating a file every week and emailing it.

I was looking at the plugin code and noticed your work around uploading the file. I was thinking of forking your plugin to add the ability to return base64 of the CSV file as text and moving it to the server side.

Do you foresee any issues with moving it to the server side and returning the base64 as text? I haven’t gotten into developing a plugin before so I thought I would see if you had any insights.

Thank you!

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Hey @cowlescj,

Glad it’s working well for you! And sure, there shouldn’t be an issue with moving it to a serverside action. Another route would be to create an element that you could drop on the page and then publish the file to a state on that element.

As you saw, I started playing around with returning a file but I got distracted by another plugin for uploading CSVs and never finished the update on this one :slight_smile:

You are more than welcome to fork it and create your own if you like but I should have an update that returns a file in the next several weeks as well.

Good luck!

Thanks for the quick reply!

Story of my life, but I’m glad it was due to time and not some impossible issue :slight_smile:

I wanted to trigger it with a recurring workflow, so that won’t work for my use case. Thanks for the idea, though.

Thank you!

Was just digging into optimizing some CSV downloads and was about to attempt this on my own but this is so much easier, thanks for putting this plugin together @eli!
The :formatted as textoperator is so darn useful


@eli , Thanks for this great plugin.

I am having an issue to include the users´emails into a CSV

  • The code I used: RPGroupUsers´List of Users´email
  • The CSV files includes: [object Object] on this column
    but does not show the email address.

Could you help me to solve this issue please. Thanks in advance,

It is a game changer for sure!

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This has come up before and seems to be a bit random with the email field itself. Here’s how another user was able to resolve the issue: 1T - CSV Creator 3.0

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Congratulations for the plugin, thanx!

Any news about returning the file for upload ? It would save my life! :smile:

No solid dates but should be soon :slight_smile:

I launched last night the version without any change to live and it is currently working.
I do not know what happened, I did not change anything.
Thanks for your feedback.

Is there any option of creating CSV with more than 25 columns?
I have dynamic forms from field and some of them have more than 25 items.

Thanks in advance,

Use the JSON to CSV action and you can create an unlimited number of columns.

Excellent, thanks.
I am going to check this option.

Is there a way for this to work in API workflows? I didn’t see the actions available in api workflows so I tried creating a similar plugin with node.js fs module but I haven’t gotten it to work (

Can you elaborate? I did not find this option. Where should I look for it?