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1T - CSV Creator 3.0

CSV Creator has been updated with a new action: Create CSV from JSON.

Why does this matter? Your CSV export options are now unlimited!

You can export:

  • Custom Column Names
  • Nested Lists
  • Dates in specific timezones
  • Sums
  • Counts
  • Line item calculations
  • Concatenated field values (i.e. this User’s First Name this User’s Last Name)

This uses the new :formatted as text on a list operator to create a list of JSON objects but you can pass JSON from any source.

It’s light and fast and, best of all… FREE :slight_smile:

It’s also public so copy it, manipulate it, make it better, make it yours.


Get the plugin here:


Awesome work @eli


Without that operator, It was a pain generating CSV files fast with less capacity.

As an idea, you can also provide the possibility to upload the generated CSV file to a Bubble app:

That may be a handy one for Reports features. I mean, there is no need to regenerate CSV files multiple times with the same data. So, you’ll be able to send these as an attachment in emails or just having kind of a Report history (each thing with generated CSV files).

3 Likes That’s a great idea. I’ve always needed the ability to download the file but can see how it would be useful to have the ability to simply attach it to a thing as well. Thanks!

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