2 language version of app

This Solution has nothing to do with database. It is basically changing the text as custom states you but for language change.

Can you tell us what is that you are trying to achieve or solve?

My app needs to be in 2 languages(French and English) and the user just needs to choose his language at the top of the page. I have used the app text function but it doesn’t work when I use a workflow to get the current user’s language to change by using ‘change a thing’(modifying the language field on user type)

No like this. I don’t have laptop infront of me but let me explain it.

You don’t need to show and hide from worlflow. You just make a condition when current user Lang is French. Result of that change text to (write translation in French or show the text from database i am assuming you have english and French data stored in database)
And you will do this condition for every text you want to translate

You don’t have to save preferred Lang for every user unless it is important to you when user open the page it preview in preferred language.

Instead you can use custom states. Make yes/no custom state on page itself and call it Lang set value =no to show english by default when page first loaded then the button FRENCH does change the custom state to 1 … using work flow set custom state

This button at top of the page will have two work flows one to set value to yes and other to set it back to no. And put condition only if custom state is yes and only if custom state is no.

hi @solinz or anybody else here. Thanks a lot for your solution. I implemented it and it’s almost working. I live in a Bilingual country and I need the user to be presented with the option of two languages since there is not way of determining a users language. the User has to click to choose his language.

So I used a custom state as you said and it’s working almost perfectly, except that some text are not being translated for reasons I can’t understand. I have used app text to translate all text and I have verified all text that are not being translated in the language settings. Those text have their equivalent in English and in French but they are not being translated. Here is an example:

the text quanity is not being translated

but not that the header ‘Panier’ is bein translated

Meanwhile in languate settings, it is well translated

All text in that repeater group are not translated along with some other random text. I can’t seem to figure out why. I also don’t know how to send a read only link to my app so someone can check it out.

What’s puzzling is that some text do not translate at all… They neither show up in English nor in French, whereas they translattions exist in language settings. Is this a bug or something.

Everything is fine now. But I don’t understand why I had to unselect this option for everything to work.

Hey Group,

solutions you Provided there.
App text is a good feature to translate the vlaues.

BUT!! What are you guys doing with:

  • Option Sets
  • Data Types

How do you translate these values?
Is there any handy solution ?

And another thing is what do you do when a user generates input and you want to display that in two languages?

Kind regards


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