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2D games in Bubble?

Can Bubble - in the near future - connect as an API for graphical engines like Hype Pro (HTML 5, embeddable) or Unity (HTML 5, C#, Javascript), so you can do the animations, graphisc on those engines and the logic in Bubble?

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Hype Pro is not impossible down the line.
Game engines maybe, but likely not - Unity already has their own set of plugins and tools for visual programming - usually node-based interfaces. And we need to focus on standard web and mobile apps for now :slight_smile:

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Thanks @georgeciobanu. I discovered the standard Hype maybe can do the trick (U$49, instead of U$99).
And believe me I tested Unity visual tools and compared to Bubble they’re impossible to use. But I understand this integration is complex, and it takes time.

If I can do some progress, I’ll post here.

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Thank you for that. I actually use Unity but as a coder - can you describe which parts of it you’d like to integrate, and how you see it work?

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It’s absolutely just an idea, not a request :slight_smile:

I can import animation, 3D files, sounds in Unity, but I can past beyond the very basic tutorials because I can’t code, while with Bubble in 4 months I built: a chat app, a blog, a task management, a voting and a commentary system, all integrated, in my spare time.

I thought its easier to integrate those engines instead of creating all the code again in Bubble. Maybe a Bubble plugin/interface for Unity?

Or you can bring basic stuff on Bubble, maybe it can handle basic 2D games:

  • character movement/map keystrokes to WF
  • start, stop events based on time
  • Play sounds on events
  • Customize current animations (choose if I want/not to appear/disappear and the animation time)

Add basic javascript snippets (to randomize creature spawn, damage etc) and Bubblers can start a hobby.


Just think about it -

the whole Unity 4.6 update had a great feature: menu creation. I tried ALL, and I couldn’t make one by scratch. All the menus in Unity store are pre-made, but even so it’s so complicated compared to Bubble: draw a group, make the buttons and create the workflows.
Choose a animation workflow to make it appear, and it’s ready. If people had this tools to create a level, maybe it would be interesting what they would create

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Back when I first learned to code in Unity, I used Digital Tutors to help me understand. It’s a paid service, but it’s very good.
I only use Unity if I’m doing 3d programs. (I’m actually a 3d modeller/animator).

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The issue is that I need to learn how to code first. I tried the last 10 years, all that I can do is read it, but not write.
Unity seems very easy for a standard coder, even for 3D. And it’s free - there’s no way to go wrong with it.
Bubble is completely the opposite, I`m very comfortable with it, so if I could do the logic the Bubble way, in the future, I think It would be awesome.


It would definitely be awesome if Bubble could integrate into Unity.

There is an asset in Unity which enables you to build games without coding. It’s called Playmaker.
Here’s a link to it… Playmaker
I haven’t used it yet, but it’s definitely on my list of things to get around to. Unity3d users rave about how good it is, and there’s even coders who say they use it instead of coding.

If you do want an easy route to being able to learn to write code, I recommend starting with Python. The syntax and structure is easy, so getting a grasp of the structure of the code is relatively easy.

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Just take the menu creation example I gave above - can be done in 5 minutes in Bubble.

Visual FSM and such are great, but there’s no way a person without coding skills create something end to end without technical help. You’ll got stuck a lot, and the solution is to learn or hire. Both will drain resources (time and money), and development starts to become painful instead of joyful.


Yeah, true.
I was very impressed with bubble when I saw how easy it was to make sense of it all. A couple of small “speed-bumps” and then I was on my way.

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Hey Cake, You think its possible to create a graphics engine in bubble from scratch? All those open source libraries out there could be re-replicated in Bubble, it would be tedious haha but possible you think?

If youre interested in 2d html5 games, I highly recommend Construct 2 over at No coding, easy as pie to get stuff up and running.


Im just trying to swing for the fences with Bubble and be experimental with its limitations :smile: Don’t mind if it’s hard just want to know if it’s possible and some suggestions on how maybe it can be done ?:thinking:

I thought maybe sprite animations but how could Bubble make that work?

Or maybe a set of photos spit out like a flip book one at a time to the UI on a state or button change?


The technologies of the web are way, way better than using images or videos to achieve fancy effects. If you remember the old days of Flash sites, you’ll see what I’m talking about. That being said, Bubble is going to be releasing an update to their plugin editor at some point that’ll let people craft their own elements. When that happens, knock yourself out!


Ok cool, yeah I guess that is a flash approach. Thanks for your input man :+1:t3:

Fer Sure, that words Senor!

  1. Pack a flip book inside a draggable group.

  2. establish perimiter targets (a shape to the left and right of the screen)

  3. Hot keys? IE. how are you going get this thing to be controllable by a keyboard. I think I remember that being doable. Look it up on the forum.

  4. build some thumb controllers out of a cardinal rose collection of a draggable (return, not hide) group, and drop zones all around. There are a few more steps to that. I’m just throwin’ this down quickly, so if you need the blow by blow on how to do that, drop me a line. It’s not so complex.

  5. then your flip book can animate in place and begin to move around (build in some acceleration factors) Animate Shape A (your fancy sprites) towards the goals at a set speed. When you’d like them to move, simply trigger an action when you release or return your virtual joystick to center… Your can effectively cancel the animated movement towards the target by asking the target to move instantly out to meet the moving object… Then return the object to the perimiter to act repeatedly as a renewable star on which to hitch yer sprites movements.

  6. in a top-down situation… don’t get me started!!! Casting an array of targets around the perimiter of your map would allow your to select larger freedoms (other than simple up down left right movements).

I’m sure that are fantastic… It’s just that Bubble is my jam and I know how to hook up all my needs to the backend!

Hooray, Bubble :smiley:
Of course there are limitations that we bump our heads into from time to time, but for now, it’s all gravy to me.



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Tru dat bro!