3 legged OAuth 1.0

Hello all,
I’m working on configuring a plugin to run 3-legged OAuth to work with the Garmin Health API and having some issues running the shared header. I’ve set this up on Postman and can get to the first step successfully.

Below is the API flow and my current configuration.

I’m curious…

  1. if I should set these up as shared headers to go through the sequence
  2. if I should configure shared parameters as well?

I also submitted a help ticket to support as I’m sure I’m likely just not implementing this properly through the API connector.

Thanks for any help!

Hey @christian did you manage to figure this out? I am trying to make this work but lost in it all! Cheers, Barry

Hey Barry, unfortunately we did not and moved this to backlog to focus on other aspects of the roadmap. I’ll definitely hit you up (and please do the same for me) if you make any headway :smile:


Just facing similar issues but with another endpoint. Did either of you ever get this to work? Found the “Oauth 1.0a request signing handler” plugin but even though the authorisation which comes back looks proper it never works. However if I generate a token in postman it works…

just thought I’d check if either of you got this to work directly from bubble?