OAuth with Fedex API

Has anyone successfully integrated the FedEx Oauth API? Having difficulties with what seems to be a very straightforward OAuth flow with API/secret keys and a grant type. I can get it to successfully run in Postman, but can’t transfer it over to Bubble API connector. Would love any help on getting the base authentication set up.


I haven’t specifically done FedEx Oauth but I just completed Twitter, FB, IG and LinkedIn so I know them pretty well.

What’s the error you’re getting in bubble api connector that you’re not getting in Postman?

The main problem with oauth is incorrect redirect uri’s. Super finicky in bubble to make sure you’re sending the right redirect uri. Or maybe you have a different problem.

@maggie Any luck here? Looking to do the same with no luck. I feel like I have tried every configuration.

Yes! Finally some luck. See below. Creates tokens perfectly every time. I hope this helps! let me know if you are still running into issues :slight_smile:

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@maggie = The :goat:

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