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3rd party photo edit/resize capabilities

Hi, I’m looking for a way for users to resize /crop photos before they upload it to the app, I know Bubble doesn’t have this capability.but is there the 3rd party that I can integrate with to do this? I noticed a lot the folks use their mobile phone to take pictures and a lot of them needs major re-cropping to work on the web. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!

I know Adobe Creative Cloud has something like this… (from Squarespace)

Did a quick search and found this:

It’s not free, but has an API. Might be worth poking around?

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This is interesting. I take a look…hope it works!

BTW, Bubble automatically upload images to amazon web service, right? How do you access those? Image resizer seem to work with Amazon Web Services…

Hmm I don’t think Imageresizer will work for me. I guess I would need some way for users to crop the image based on what it’s required. So maybe interface pop up with crop line or something…

So looks promising… although I am not sure how to connect this API with Bubble. Any idea?