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Image selection/cropper tool

Would it be possible to integrate something like in Bubble?
Would be great for profile pictures and profile header images (like facebook, for example).

In run mode you mean? we have this in edit mode. In run mode, we can talk about this on a sponsored basis.

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I mean in run mode yes, so that users can crop their pictures.
Could you give an estimate on what it would cost to get this on a sponsored basis?

Curious, actually I haven’t seen this function in edit mode either. Where do I do this?

We have a crop button for the image element.

For us to get into this, we’d need an email with a more detailed description of how this would work according to you (a new element, etc.). Please email [email protected]


Didn’t realized it :wink:

John, sorry I didn’t understand that last comment?
@emmanuel, ah yes that crop button. It’s not entirely the same function, as you see from the link over you can select/zoom parts of the image and crop around that in a way thats similar to how a lot of the social media sites work.

I’ll send you an email :slight_smile:

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