4 Digit Code number

Hi , I want every user sign up , get 4 digit code so he can use this code to check in or out from the Center , and this check code dose not change so he can remember it

This one, put a field maybe call it “code” under the User type

Then, if I understand correctly, assign this code to the current user who just signed up.

Here’s how you could make a code

how can I assign to the person , because I’m using create account for someone else

choose change another field

Looks like they are doing that already, @josemazin77 is the error checker giving you an error? Possibly it’s a number field you are setting but that “Calculate random string” is text?

I did’t get this :sweat_smile:

yes it’s a number field

Try :converted to number after your calculated string IF when you click the error checker at the top right is saying “Expected number right now text” or something

yes that worked , thank you

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my bad big dawg, i was focusing on something else i didn’t pay attention what you were asking ha

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it’s okay , thank you for your time :heart:

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