400 bad request after initializing a webhook with bubble


I have intialized a webhook with bubble, but after updating the url path in the 3rd party app, it resends a test to bubble, however, bubble is responding with a 400 bad request.

This disables the webhook in the 3rd party app.

Has anyone experienced this? Any tips or thoughts to resolve this?

Is anyone available to assist me work through the issue?

Its urgent and blocking a significant client for us.

Bubble support are not responsive.

Happy to pay an hourly rate to get this done.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Robbie, have you tried testing your endpoint with Postman?

Also, one likely thing it could be is the settings on your webhook in Bubble. Check both that your endpoint is exposed as a public API workflow and that it can be run without authentication.

If you’re unfamiliar with postman, this is a good video to check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPtpw6nSlj0&t=520s. It’s also a good video for getting a visual on a few webhook setups so you can compare notes. Good luck.

Thanks Joe, yes the endpoint is set up to run without authentication and is exposed publicly. It is also set to true for return a 200 if condition not met.

I’m not sure how postman would help in this case as the issue appears to be with the endpoint in bubble, although i am not very familiar with postman.

If you share your endpoint setup and subsequent workflow (plus return values), I’d be happy to take a look.

If this is open to run without authentication (as you say), probs best to anonymise it so that not anyone can call it before sharing :blush:

Thanks, I was able to resolve the issue. Bubble was not sending a 200 message when the payload was not what was expected. I set a condition on the workflow to only run when a condition was met. This forced the 200 message and resolved the issue.

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