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5 APIs to start your next nocode idea

  1. Open AI
    GPT-3 and artificial general intelligence.

  2. CoinGecko
    Cryptocurrency metrics.

  3. Wasabi
    Cloud Storage enterprise class, tier-free and affordable.

  4. Twilio
    Programmatically make and receive phone calls, sms and whatsapp messages.

  5. Sportsdata io
    Real time sports data provider

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Good suggestions. Interesting if you could combine all 5 apis into one application- A sports crypto - with AI generated SMS messages with all data stored in a cloud environment :smiley:

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Did you look into pricing for these? I explored the sportdata option some time ago and it was cost prohibitive.

I have not. But I can imagine that the data would be pretty expensive. Too bad, too, because I feel like there could be some fun apps, maybe not full businesses, that could attract a following. And maybe even bring more people to the sport.

For #1 - we have just published a plugin for OpenAI GPT-3 - 🧠 Artificial Intelligence by OpenAI GPT-3 - New Plugin from Zeroqode