[50% OFF] Bubble on Rails Template

Hi Everyone,

A while back I published the Bubble on Rails Template on Bubble. It hasn’t received much traction and I really believe this is a great template that can save you hours in development time with the already built-in User Management, Stripe Integration, and an awesome design that will definitely blow your clients away.

I’m giving away 10 coupons at 50% off and an additional 20 coupons at 25% off for anyone interested in the template.

Template contains:

COUPON: RAILS50 for 50% off and RAILS25 for 25% off

Purchase link: Bubble on Rails Template Template | Bubble

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I’m also open to constructive feedback :wink:

Make it free :wink: then might get some traction, I always tell other bubblers to only use templates for learning not production. Also I find the graphics very cliché, I see many websites sharing the same graphics since they are free.

Thanks for the feedback. The graphics are from a free library, what kind of graphics do you suggest? I’m not into offering templates for free as that will attract an audience that expects to get things modified for free.

I’d rather focus on getting clients that appreciate paying for a fraction of the time spent on the development of this template.

I’m not sure about graphics, templates can be used for marketing your other freelance services by showing your technical skill. I think its hard to make money off templates competing with Zeroqode, they are great and have big team to handle aftercare.

I know you have some js knowledge would be better to find free libraries and convert them into plugins for sale.

I didn’t say cheap customers. It’s just not my audience with respect to everyone. I don’t find myself competing against Zeroqode as my way of design attracts other type of clients.

Plugins are indeed more lucrative. I will publish some free templates in the future to showcase my skills at Bubble, but that won’t be templates where I’ve spent 15+ hours of my time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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