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[Template] Simple base template for every SaaS (new responsive engine)

Hi there,
I noticed that for every SaaS app I need to create similar things again and again, so I decided to build a template that will serve me as a starting point in the future. And because the Bubble community already helped me a lot, I decided to publish it for free :slightly_smiling_face:.

While templates can be great for learning how Bubble works, they can also be overwhelming and cluttered with too many features so that they can actually slow you down. That’s why I’m keeping things to a minimum in this template, so you can directly start working on features that are specific to your use case.

I hope this is useful for you! Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve it!


  • Fully responsive, using the new engine everywhere
  • Animated sidebar
  • Reusable delete popup for every data type
  • Custom email confirmation workflow, to be able to send welcome emails based on templates
  • Dedicated login and signup pages with redirection mechanism
  • User settings page, where email, password, etc. can be changed by the user
  • API connection to SendInBlue API to send pretty emails quickly
  • Simple but effective user roles system, e.g. for admins