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[NEW] Bubble on Rails Template

Hello Everyone! :slightly_smiling_face: :wave:

I am extremely excited to announce the launch of a template that I have been working on for at least 2 months. Bullet Saas saves you weeks of development by starting you off with all the features that are the same in every SaaS, so you can focus on what makes your app unique.

I’d like to call it Bubble on Rails.

What’s Included:

With this template, users can sign up and create a new account. A basic profile page has been added to manage User Settings. A responsive back-end for the administrator to manage the website.

Stripe Integrated

Users can upgrade their account, billing is done with Stripe V2. With a gorgeous landing page for the pricing and upgrade users are attracted to upgrading their account. Everything has been done to make sure the visuals are great for the client.

Manage Users -



Looks good

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Thanks Reece, I appreciate it. I’m working on new features and will be adding a blog soon that can be managed with the back-end.

Like the clean design :smiley:, how did you do the subtle hover animation on the pricing page? Custom styles/js/toolbox plugin or there a way to do it just with bubble?


Thanks man! You can do a lot with CSS.


I just pushed a fix for a bug that converts month to an Integer on the upgrade page, required for converting the Stripe token.

Beautiful :heart:

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Thank you for the kind words. I have spent a lot of time in designing this with Bubble.

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Not a problem. It is the least I could say for amount of expertise you have put into this template.

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I’m working on adding a blog. It’s almost finished. Stay tuned!

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Got a couple of errors on install. Trying to figure out what this is. Language option?

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Hi Robert,

First and foremost thanks for being an early supporter. I hope you like the template. To address your point, I’ve added App Text to the app to update the Page Titles without using Workflows or JavaScript calls.

These texts have been added in the app Settings under the Languages Tab. It seems like a bug from Bubble’s side. These should have been added by default. Sorry for the inconvenience, I didn’t know about this issue beforehand. I will message Bubble about this issue.

@nocodeventure Love the template. Digging into it more now. What are the differences between pages profile and profile-edit? <EDIT? nevermind, I figured it out.

@nocodeventure Also, what is the best way to allow a user to update their password. I am thinking about adding 3 fields on the profile page.

  1. current password
  2. new password
  3. confirm new password

Then having a button connected to a workflow to “Update a user’s credentials”

Is this correct? Is there a better way?

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This is how I have always done it… seems to work ok.

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@robert I have configured a reset page you could use to reset passwords :slight_smile:

See page reset

Ah sorry, I see you are referring to updating passwords for logged in users. The solution above that you mentioned should work. You could duplicate the content box and add the fields there? See the example below.

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Thanks. I’ve implemented a version of your suggestion.


I’m happy that you like it so far and using it for a project. That makes my day :smile:

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Updated some minor details.