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500 errors on project and support page

Most of the pages on my project in production and test are throwing a 500 error and have the message:

" Oh no!

We’re having some temporary technical difficulties right now. We’re working on the problem as fast as we can!

In the meantime, try refreshing the page or hitting “back” on your browser just in case things are working again…

We’re really sorry!

If this message does not go away within five minutes, please report the following code to the team: 1667318328876x509549838680653630"

The Bubble support page also shows the same message: Support | Bubble
I noticed this ten minutes ago but it may have begun earlier.

The Bubble status page says everything is operational, which is frustrating:

UPDATE: Thanks for the fix. Marking this as closed.

Same issue here, I just posted a note too.

I was just about to start writing a similar thread; I’ve got multiple end users reporting this as an issue. When workflows are sending them to various pages in my app, the above error message is displaying instead of the page loading

Just posted same issue.

Same here :sob:

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and humorously, also an issue on the Report a Bug page

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I’ve been able to report a bug to Bubble by heading to and then clicking the ‘Report a bug’ option. I’m not sure why this works and going directly to the URL doesn’t!

The Bubble support rep said:

“I’ve confirmed that we’ve received reports about this “Oh no” error from a few other users as well, and that our engineering team is now aware of and actively looking into this.”

Same here, just got an answer from the support team, they are working on a fix right now:

“Hello, I’ve been able to confirm that other users are experiencing this behavior, and our engineering team is currently investigating the issue. Our team will be in touch directly once it is resolved. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any additional questions.”

Our engineers are pushing a fix for this!


will this fix the issues with the plugin builder today. I am getting 500() errors when trying to publish updates

Its possible, but we are looking into the plugin issues separately for now. We will keep you updated in the support thread!


Hi Sam, thanks for the update! Is there a reason this isn’t showing on the Bubble status page as many sites are struggling to operate?

We update the status page as needed when we expect a bug to be impacting apps for a while or we don’t know the root cause yet and are still investigating.

In a situation like this, the bug was reported right away, and our engineers knew the cause immediately and had a fix up for review within a few minutes.

At this time, the fix has been deployed and this behavior should be resolved!

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Any update on this? I can’t push emergency fixes as we speak…

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