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Error 500 from Bubbler Server


I’ve been running into a Bubble bug for several hours now that prevents my users to get access to their dashboard and I would like to know if this behavior happened to some of you.

I have filed a support ticket but as it’s been already over 10 hours and I’m stuck, then, I would highly appreciate some help on this. I’m really worried and I’m then wondering if I’m going to continue to be ambitious with Bubble…

I run into this bug when I was testing the signup/registration onboarding process of my app. At some point, the app was very long to load and then suddenly, I got this error message everywhere in every parts of the User account.

Here is the message : "Oh no!
We’re having some temporary technical difficulties right now. We’re working on the problem as fast as we can!"

It happens only on the dashboard of my app and the most curious is that happens also on the previous duplicate versions.

The browser google console is saying that it’s a 500 error, which is a server-related error.

Thanks for your help !

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