A/B Testing - any advice?


As Google Optimize is closed, how do people tend to perform AB Testing on Bubble? I have few ideas, but all of them are a bit clumsy at least in terms of measuring the performance. Maybe there are any good plugins for it?

There’s options like


All have far more features and are pretty costly if you only need split testing. $350-$2k/mo

You can build it native in bubble using a redirect page or conditional groups.

The most affordable of the options is Zoho pagesense $50 for 10k visitors. $329 for 100k

However like everything Zoho makes it sacrifices quality for price/a lot of features. It’s not awful but Zoho suite in general is full of countless bugs at any given moment but does just good enough to accomplish what you need it to.

Posthog is a very good tool as well, with many functionalities and a generous free plan.

Someone made a tutorial on how to use it with Bubble a while ago