A/B testing in Bubble with PostHog

Hey Bubblers!

I recently started using PostHog for a/b testing and just completed a tutorial on building a private plugin with it.

If you’re on the lookout for an alternative to Google Optimize, this might be your jumpstart for experiments.

If you try to implement it and have any questions, happy to answer!




If anyone want’s to try simple lofi A/B testing built into/with Bubble there’s my free template:

Cheers, Peter


Woooooah that’s gold !

I was searching a few month ago for an A/B Testing solution for Bubble to replace Google Optimize.

I’m also a PostHog user (for session recording mostly).

I’m gonna take a look at this, thanks for sharing ! :slight_smile:


this is great thanks for sharing Peter!

For sure, let me know if you need any help implementing! The tutorial is pretty barebones with the plugin but there are some other features the PostHog offers which are super great!

Oh nice i knew it was recent i thought they closed months ago, didn’t realize it was super recent!