A button to copy and paste text in an input field

I am building a de-dupe function within my app. It will show two records side by side (Primary record to the left, potential dupe to the right) and you hit a button between the two fields if you want to copy the most recent item and paste it on the primary record.

I installed the plugin (Aircopy) to copy a field but then I have to paste it manually in the target field. Funny enough it looks like there is a field in the plugin that says “Target” but it appears that it doesn’t mean where you want to paste it.

Anyone have a similar function in their app and have any suggestions? I wanted to avoid building a big workflow if I can avoid it since it has quite a few fields.

Can you simulate the copy / paste and just set the values with a workflow action? When you hit copy - save the value to a custom state and when you choose paste, you set the value on the target field.