Need help, replacement for copy-paste job for better UX


I have this app. I’ll try making this brief.

The left group has a text coming from a single cell (Database). There is a repeating group on the right side.

The main purpose is that users can pick the type of rides and their models from the left side (which is entirely coming from a single cell of Table A) and save within different cells for Bike type and bike models broken by repeating groups.

The users have to copy the text from the left side and paste it to the left (repeating group input fields with auto-binding).

I tried drag and drop, but couldn’t figure out how to pull it off. Anything would be helpful besides the copy-paste job.

Is there any way you guys can suggest doing this that doesn’t require a “Ctrl + C” & “Ctrl + V” (Copy-paste) job because it’s killing my app’s user experience?


Make the input on the left copy by clicking on it and the user can paste it on the right. just show a little alert on it so the user knows it has been copied.

Another solution that comes to me, is to put a plus button on each row on the left table, when the user clicks it, run a workflow that creates the thing on the left RG. if it needs a little manual change he can do it manually using the same copy past we created before…

Will give it a try

I edited my solution , read it again. :smiley:

I liked he second one, seem better user experience to me. The only problem is that it’s only one single text coming from a single cell in the left side with polished html and CSS for visual appealing.

How would you put + sign over each section and run workflow in that?

Hmm, so what you saying you are getting a list of text, and by using CSS you are making a single text like a row in left one.


are you using a Repeating Group to list out the list of text ??

The left one is just a plain text (HTML actually) being fetched from a cell

Does that help @Baloshi69 ? :slight_smile:

Sorry i was away. Yah it is, with this you can still proceed but it be a bit tricky. Can be achieved

What you can do add the toolbox plugin and add JavaScript to bubble element on page which triggers a workflow once triggers.

Inside you html add a button and once that button is click, run a small script which triggers that JavaScript to bubble element which then tigger that workflow. inside it you can do many things.

Hope, i was clear enough to make you understand

Yep, I’m using the Toolbox plugin already

I’m sorry, I’m lost here right after adding Button within my HTML part. Can you give me an example how it is going to perform? That would help.

I have these steps so far

HTML Button click > Run javascript > Start bubble Workflow > Add one row (Repeating Group) > Make changes to the cell

I can put he javascript just the way I’m putting HTML. I’m already doing this for copy-text-on-click function to copy those H2s and H3s .

I can not think of any way to make this “Run javascript > bubble workflow” step possible. Unless I’m missing something.

Hey, i bit busy, because of my broken English I cant explain it well, when you be free I can walk you through, when you be free dm me.

Urdu chalega bhai? I’ll later translate it into English once we’ve reached a solution :slight_smile:

HAHAHA :smiley: … I am a lazy guy typing kills me :smiley:


to be able to trigger a workflow , with toolbox, you need to put a javascript to bubble element on the page.

give it a friendly name like create_motor_cycle and :white_check_mark: trigger event ** and :white_check_mark: publish value and also :white_check_mark: ** Multiple Outputs then add two output type text, one for motorcycle type and one for the model number. ( totally depend on you case)

then add a workflow * A javascript to bubble event* .

Now inside you HTML button when it click it should call bubble_fn_create_motor_cycle by passing the value. like this

bubble_fn_create_motor_cycle({output1: "Bike type", output2: "Model"});

once its called it will trigger the workflow from there you can choose the text and create your ting.

As I do not have any idea of you DB, how you are creating the bike and adding its model. i give it a random example. you can then search if the bike already added just append the model or just create a new bike with the model.

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Thanks, man! That seems like it’s gonna work.

I’ll let you know how it went.

Half way there!

I’m doing this:

function bubble_fn_add_headers(){output1:"Street bikes", output2:"W175 street
Versys 650
<button onclick="bubble_fn_add_headers()">Add</button>

It’s running workflow and generating row in DB on button click. But it isn’t passing the output1 and outpu2 values to the workflow.

Am I doing something wrong here?

you don’t need to define that function in the script, you do not need a script at all, it’s already been defined somewhere on the app. You just need to call it on the button and you are calling it but it is not passing any parameter there.

on button use this

<button onclick="bubble_fn_add_headers({output1:"Street bikes", output2:"W175 street
Versys 650

the reason it is running the workflow but the output does not have any value because you are not passing any value at the time of calling it.

Yep, It just worked

Just had to do this

<button onclick="bubble_fn_add_headers({output1: 'Bike type', output2: 'Model'});">Add</button>

That really helped, Thanks @Baloshi69 , really appreciate it.

Now I’ll have to work on refining it.

Happy to help, if you stuck further, dont hesitate pinging me :wink:

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