A favour needed

I’m trying to get to the bottom of an issue with time zones with the Air Date Picker plugin…

If anyone’s got a spare minute, I’d appreciate if you could do the following:

  1. Click the link below.
  2. Select 20th October 2023 in both date pickers
  3. Let me know what the text says below each one (or screenshot it)
  4. also let me know which time zone you’re currently in (and whether or not that time zone observes Daylight Savings Time)

Here’s the link:

Air Date Picker Issue (bubbleapps.io)

Thanks :slight_smile:

(of course I’ve already tested this myself by changing my device time zone settings, but I want to be sure of the issue by getting some real observations from users in different time zones if possible).

I’m EST, and unfortunately, we do observe daylight savings time.

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I am on PST

On 10/20 we were on daylight savings

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I’m on SGT. Singapore does not observe daylight saving time

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I am in arabian standard time. No daylight savings.

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I’m on GMT+7 and do not recognize daylight savings time

Please post your findings on this and if it is for the purposes of having the zeroqode plugin updated or if you implement a workaround of sorts.

I’m guessing Adam has seen what he needed to see by now, but for anyone who helps out, he asked for a specific date to be selected in the date pickers.

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Yeah, thanks guys… I’ve seen enough here now and it’s confirmed my own testing…

I’ve already alerted Zeroqode to this bug so hopefully they’ll address it soon.

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