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[New Plugin] Date,Time,Range & Zone Picker

Hello bubblers,

Introducing a new plugin - Date, Time, Range & Zone picker - that has just been added to the Bubble Developer Kit. Now easily build great timezone-aware global marketplaces like Airbnb or those awesome booking sites.

  • Choose from Single, Multiple or Range formats.
  • Enable Time Selection in addition to date in every mode
  • Set the picker TimeZone. Yes, it’s really as simple as that :smiley: Each picker ‘understands’ that the user will select the dates / time in the timezone specified in the element. Everything is managed behind the scenes.
  • Disable specific days of week: Days are represented as 0-6. So to disable Saturdays & Sundays set this to 0,6
  • Disable a list of dates. These also work in conjunction with disable days
  • Set minimum, maximum dates, hours, minutes and seconds
  • Set initial content for each format
  • Optionally force an output time hour, minute and second
  • Displayed value formatting: Customize the display formatting in each format
  • Set & clear dates using element action workflow steps

Priced the same as other bdk plugins i.e. $4/mo or $16 one-time.

Link to Demo page
Link to Demo page editor
Link to Plugin documentation

Single Format

Multiple Format

Range Format

Happy Bubbling!



Hi @gaurav,

I just bought your plugin. Unfortunately, no date can be selected. It looks like it does not work if the Input is in a popup. Please have a look at that issue and let me know.

Thank you.


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Hi @oz1,
Thanks for purchasing the plugin! :smiley:

Good catch! Turns out it was working but the picker was actually appearing behind the popup. I’ve updated the plugin fixing this. and also added a demo showing its use within the popup.

Please update the plugin and try now (you may need to clear cache once after updating).


Some video recordings while I was building the demo page:

Single format

Multiple format

Range format

Thank you @gaurav, it works now like a charm.


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New Feature Added - option to show only timepicker

@laurence you’ll be able to select time-only with the optional constraints of min, max hour & minutes, increments of each, as well as pre-defined date.

Like the other modes in this plugin, the time-only option is also timezone-aware i.e. if you defined timezone as ‘America/Los_angeles’ in the element property editor, the time selected will be output for that timezone. This can also be dynamically changed

Thanks. I’ll check it out next week.

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