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A messaging app [WhatsApp clone Complete Guide] In progress

Hello everyone, I am starting a tutorial series on how to build a messaging platform such as WhatsApp on bubble’s new responsive engine.

Note: This series is ideal for intermediate users, or developers that know their way around the bubble editor.

I will lay more emphasis on workflow and database, as I assume that intermediate users can confidently design on bubble.

Useful LINKS:
Youtube channel: Cliff Fuhche - YouTube
Playlist: Building a messaging app on BUBBLE.IO (WhatsApp clone) - YouTube
Demo video: Messaging app intro (A WhatsApp clone). - YouTube

I will answer questions and leave updates on this thread, I will also upload weekly tutorials on the YouTube channel.


We will cover basics, page setup, and login/signup processes.

Link: A WhatsApp clone. Part 1 - YouTube

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We complete the signup and login process
We set up a theme feature: users are able to select between dark and light theme


Enjoy :blush:

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