How To Build A WhatsApp Clone Without Code - Bubble

Looking for an existing tool to send messages? We’d recommend using WhatsApp. But if you’re a maker who’s eager to start building your own messaging app, go no further than Bubble.

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@vivienne thanks for the tutorials… I love these series. Helps us newbies big time.

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How do you handle notifications to your users in such a WhatsApp clone?


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How do you create the workflow for the whatsapp message ticks (double blue ticks for read message, double tick for received message, one tick for sent message)?


I’m trying to add the profile picture of the user who sent the most recent message to the repeating grid of all chats. Is there a way to do this?

Using a dynamic image “Current cell’s Chat’s Chat Users’s Photo” doesn’t display anything.

Using a dynamic image “Current cell’s Chat’s Chat Users’s Photo:last item” only shows one user regardless of who messaged last.

Any help would be appreciated.

youll likely need to do a search for that Chat, sort by creation date, and select the first/last (depending on sort order) instead of just doing current cell.

@trevorpollo thanks for the reply. I’m still a little lost. Just started using bubble 2 days ago.

Using “Search for Chat’s Creation Date:last item (or first item)” isn’t returning any image.

Is that what you had in mind? Where do I enter “User’s Photo”?

Can you send screenshots of your search?

Do Search for chats:last item’suser’s profile pic

Within the constraints, sort by creation date, descending ‘no’


That didn’t work but it got my brain working! This solution is updating the image to last sender. Thanks for the help!


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great! Glad it worked!

Hello, i am sort of a new user, did the tutorial videos and just for fun, trying to make a website like whatsapp now. In creating a repeating group, under constraints, the instructions say “chat users contains”, how can i get this contains word there? because in my options there is just “chat users”.
Also if anyone can give me a link or something where i can understand repeating groups better, i would really appreciate it.


Looks like the latest chats will display at the top of the RG. Any idea how to display the latest message at the bottom of the list instead AND also have the RG scrolled automatically to the bottom of the list to display the latest post?

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Is it possible to include an image sharing feature, not only text? If so, how?

Hi. When am trying to search the contact number it is not displaying the number. As a result, am not able to add a contact, but the user is already registered in my database. Please help!

No, do not build a messaging platform on Bubble.

It is crazy to suggest a messaging application to built on Bubble. People’s messages will be visible to you and anyone who has access to your app. Do you think it makes sense to have a messaging platform where your messages can be read by others?

Privacy Rules. This is the Bubble technique to create basic constraints of who see’s what.

I wasn’t referring to the privacy rules. Let’s say, you are the app admin and you have 6 other member of staff. All of you can read people’s messages.