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A place to capture and track our apps feature requests and bugs

Hi Team,

I have just launched my app to a small group of users and now the features and bugs are coming thick and fast (as I expected).
Got me thinking. It would be great if there was somewhere in the backend that we can capture and track feature requests and bugs for our own apps.

I have built a simple custom object and a simple page to capture and review this stuff, but it would be great if this was something that was maybe based on development best practices and built into the platform so we didn;t need to create a new one each time we start a new app.

Maybe I’ve overlooked this somewhere. Just a suggestion.


We built a mechanism for users to report this stuff, and a little admin page for us to capture and review. We also set it up so we get emails. It’d be a neat plugin to see at some point, maybe when Bubble opens up the custom plugin capability to the community!

Good idea. I will tidy up the page I have created and expose it to my users so they can register directly.


I haven’t played around with it at all but maybe the trello clone?

I personally use trello for most of my project management needs, and I’ve even seen some pretty nifty trello boards with upvotes for requested features etc.