Template for feature requests, ranking and road map?

I wonder if anyone in the plugin/template builder community has built a template for taking feature requests, handling user up/down votes on requests and coordinating requests and other feature plans into a road map.

Without thinking very deeply about it, this seems like it wouldn’t be terribly complicated, and I may wind up building it into my SaaS app, but if someone already has a template for this, it could be helpful to me and a lot of other SaaS developers.

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I think @help treefort app would do the job, but it’s not a plugin or template though.


@laurence I’ve got a template for this in my backlog of templates to make for Nucode.co members.

Any specific features you’d like to see in it besides title/description/upvoting/sorting/optional login?


There was a post about an app called Nudg that does something similar I believe.

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What I’m wanting is actually much more than the community-facing piece I interpret your response as describing.

I’m envisioning something that bridges between community, marketing, leadership and engineering. I guess I’m looking at this primarily from the leadership and engineering perspectives.

In support of engineering, integrate directly with the Bubble app, cataloging pages, APIs, reusable elements, reusable workflows, plugins, and the where-used of all this stuff.

In support of leadership and engineering, support the structuring of enhancement releases by quickly showing what pieces are affected by a proposed feature. This would support estimating complexity, cost and timeframes and visibility into relationships of features that can be implemented together. Therefore, leadership has more info for deciding what enhancements to implement in what order.

And when work begins, all of this supports engineering in tackling the right work in the right order.

Marketing benefits by having more clarity about what will be delivered when, and what needs communicating to the community.

Now, I suppose some of this may exist in existing project management and communication tools, e.g. Slack, but my vision is that it can all be brought together into one integrated system.

Doesn’t seem like just a template does it?

I’ll take a closer look at nudg sometime. Thanks.

Hi @laurence , Treefort is designed exactly for this and we target SaaS customers primarily (used by Zapier, Box, Pandora). Plus it’s entirely built on Bubble and your roadmap can be embedded in your SaaS or have a custom domain connected, and your users/community can submit feature requests, ideas etc and vote/comment on the existing ones!

Grab a free trial here: www.treeforthq.com

I’ll also pm you

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