Seeking Advice on Native App Development in Bubble

Hi Bubble Community,

I’m currently working on building a native app in Bubble, and I’m faced with a decision on the best approach for hiding and showing groups.

I initially considered using custom states, but I’m encountering challenges, particularly when users refresh the page. They consistently land back on my login group. On the other hand, when I utilize page URLs, as in sending new page parameters I receive a error from Bubble regarding navigation limitations between pages due to the workflow structure.

I’d appreciate insights from the community on the optimal method for handling group visibility in a native app setting. Your expertise is invaluable!

Thank you,

Url parameters or custom states work well with native wrappers

I always go with url parameters because I can reuse or tap into common logic for objects coming from different parts of the app (desktop, webMobile, or wrappedNativeMobile)

Thanks for your help!

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