A POSSIBLE SOLUTION: I'm frustrated - Sync-To-Live Albatross

Rather than a new posting, I’ll reuse this one…

I haven’t heard from Bubble… that’s enormously frustrating.

I have a plan, and I hope someone can advise me.

I’m going to purchase a new project and see if I can export my code files and re-import them into the new project’s DEV. I should then be able to move those code files to LIVE unimpeded.

I’m concerned about the plugins and whether I should purchase new plugins first and then import the code files. Any experience you can share?

Also, I will have to move my database over. In fact, it just occurred to me that the database has to be there first, otherwise the code files won’t see the database and I’ll have zillions of broken links. They might not connect anyway. Please advise if you can.

I’m frustrated.

I can’t proceed. I can’t find a fix, and Bubble hasn’t/won’t offer a fix. I’m left to figure this out without their help. I’m trying.

The Bubble app won’t let me move my DEV files to Live. I don’t want to Sync-to-Live which the Bubble app insists I do. But even if I wanted it, Sync-to-Live doesn’t work. It only shows an error message saying it can’t, and I should try again. And again.

My live version is an abandoned project from years ago. It doesn’t relate in any way to the project I’ve re-written in the same project folder. I don’t want that live version, or any part of it.

In another post, a bubbler suggested exporting my files to a JSON, to reimport them. But I can only import that JSON back into DEV; I can’t import them into LIVE. It doesn’t solve the issue that Bubble thinks the Live version is different and therefore the DEV version must be synced with whatever differences Bubble sees. But again, the Sync-to-Live feature does not work.

Will this work?
Could I export the JSON (my project code) and then purchase a new project from Bubble (and repurchase all the paid plugins) and import it into that virgin project? Could that solve the sync issue?

But how do I get the DEV database into that new project? Do I have to re-write them?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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I am unable to publish my app to live. It says I must Sync To Live first, but LIVE is a 2-yr old abandoned project. My new DEV is almost completely different. I don’t want to modify my DEV version. I want to delete the Live version completely and replace it with new.

Regardless, when I try to Sync to Live I get an error message:

Sorry, we had an error adding changes from Live to Development. Please try again.

How can I overwrite LIVE without syncing?

I believe there is nothing I can do as an operator, so I believe this is a bug. I’ve filed two Bug Reports, but no word or advice so far.

When did you contact Bubble, and did you email support, or just file a bug report?

Having the same exact issue currently. Can’t seem to find any workarounds.

Hi Ed, I did only file Bug Reports until the day before yesterday when I realized Bug Reports and Bubble Support are two different methods of finding help. Support contacted me within hours and offered to move my files for me. I’m now completely good. Thanks very much, Support :slight_smile:

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Hi David, ask support. If you cannot move your files to Live using the Development button path, I don’t think the operator can do it. Support, once I messaged them were fast.