Forced sync when deploying to LIVE?!

Ran into a very frustrating problem last night… Made some changes to my DEV version of app and attempted to deploy to LIVE. When I went to the deployment tab, there was a warning in red that I was out of sync - can’t remember exact wording and I didn’t screenshot it. It then refused to let me deploy to LIVE until I’d synced the changes! This, to me is totally counterintuitive - isn’t the whole point of having a separate LIVE and DEV environment that they DO get out of sync?! I got into an idiotic loop of attempting to deploy, being told I need to sync, syncing, losing my changes in DEV, reverting DEV, and around the loop again. I think I eventually got out of it by reverting DEV to a really old version and then to most recent - can’t be sure though, I was weary at that stage! Anyone else encounter this very strange type of behaviour before?

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We sometimes see this error in some Bubble apps: the restore method you used is the one we recommend for resolving this. Our team is working on improving versioning to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future!

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Thanks Eve. The problem seems to have resolved by the following evening.

I have the same issue. I cannot get past the “sync to live” step while trying to restore an old version. I have tried restoring the oldest version I could access, but I still cannot get past the forced “sync to live”. Can you provide instructions on how to move forward? Thanks


same this is incredibly frustering

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I am having this exact same problem. The thing is I don’t want to restore to a previous version because a previous version does not exist in my case.

How do I fix this? Please advise.

Hi, were you able to fix this or get past this? I am in the same situation.

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Hey! I managed to figure this out for myself so hopefully, it helps some others in the future.

Heres what I think caused the issue for me.

I published my App to live. Then I went back to the development version and made some edits.
After a while I didn’t like those edits so I hit the “History” button and restored a historical version of the development version of the App.


The Live version remains unchanged by this historical restore in the development tab.

The problem will happen when I try to publish my Development App to Live. I get the dreaded error message trying to force me to Sync to live.

To fix this issue I went to the live version of my app and did the same “History” restore on the live version.

This essentially put the live version back in sync with my development version.

Then when I switched back to the development version I could finally publish to live without a Sync error.


I’m having the same problem. Really makes no sense that there isn’t a way to revert live to the current development version, without trying to merge.

The solution is simple if you have save points and/or previous deploys:

  1. Change to “Live mode”
  2. Restore a Live version to a DATE BEFORE your current (correct) Development Version
  3. Return to Development mode
  4. Done! Now you don’t see the ‘sync message’ anymore
  5. Deploy normally

I hope this can be helpful.
Best regards.

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