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Forced sync when deploying to LIVE?!

Ran into a very frustrating problem last night… Made some changes to my DEV version of app and attempted to deploy to LIVE. When I went to the deployment tab, there was a warning in red that I was out of sync - can’t remember exact wording and I didn’t screenshot it. It then refused to let me deploy to LIVE until I’d synced the changes! This, to me is totally counterintuitive - isn’t the whole point of having a separate LIVE and DEV environment that they DO get out of sync?! I got into an idiotic loop of attempting to deploy, being told I need to sync, syncing, losing my changes in DEV, reverting DEV, and around the loop again. I think I eventually got out of it by reverting DEV to a really old version and then to most recent - can’t be sure though, I was weary at that stage! Anyone else encounter this very strange type of behaviour before?

We sometimes see this error in some Bubble apps: the restore method you used is the one we recommend for resolving this. Our team is working on improving versioning to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future!

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Thanks Eve. The problem seems to have resolved by the following evening.