A property to know if the content of a text element was cut off

When checking the option “cut off content if the element is not tall enough”, there is no way to know if the content was actually cut or not.
This would be particularly usefull in conditional properties in order to show a “read more…” text or button only when the text was cut because it does not make sense to show such a button if all the text is already displayed.

That would be a nice feature to have :slight_smile:


Am also looking for this as am implementing ‘read more…’. right now
@florent.bocquelet did you find a solution for this?


I agree. Would be helpful.

I found a workaround by manually cutting the text if it exceeds a fixed number of characters using conditionals.
Then if the text has more characters than the limit, I truncate it, append “…” and set the “read more” button visible.

Thus it doesn’t work exactly as the original option, but was enough for now.

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That works, but it’s still a challenge for text fields with dynamic width for example. Also, changing font size, setting to bold, etc, may not make it accurate.

So I still support your original idea :slight_smile:

Ok. I also ending up using this solution - it’s not ideal as I have to add extra conditions to deal with changes in screen resolution but I found a comment from Emmanuel here that a conditional on this is not possible so looks like this is the best solution.