Text Disappear When Width is Shorter Than Content

Hi, in the RG I have the email text field set to fixed height 20px and fixed width 200px, but if the content is too long, they completely disappear.
My I know how to fix this?
In another app I designed, the contents were able to display with “…” when they are cut off, but at least you see the first half of it. This time they just disappeared!
Am I missing something here?

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Hi there, @linzlee1… check out this thread.


Thanks! That’s what I was looking for, but now I can’t remember where that setting is, could you tell me where it is?

You aren’t seeing the max height setting because you have the element set to fixed height. If you uncheck the Make this element fixed-height checkbox, you will see the setting.

Hi, Mike, I’ve tried that, too (not fixed-height), but still don’t have that “cut of content…” setting.

There is no “cut off content” setting in the new responsive engine. My understanding is that setting a max height on the element should do the trick. If it doesn’t, you can do what is described toward the end of the thread in my initial response and put a conditional on the element to truncate the text when it is greater than a certain number of characters and then put three periods after the truncated text.

i have found that the reduce display of the data that includes the … is only possible when the data has a space in it. for example if the data to be displayed is “testdata” or “test data” then
on a reduced width, “testdata” will disappear whereas “test data” will become “test…” until width is increased