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When Text Cut Off Content

Is it possible to know if the text element is cutting off content in a dynamic way? I have a text element that is going to be mobile responsive, I’m using the cut off content feature of text elements.

I want to put a read more button under the text element but hide it when it is not necessary. So, is there any way to dynamically detect if the text element is cutting off content to use that value in a conditional on a button?

At times when the text element may expand to 600px width the cut off content will not trigger as the content can fit fully at 600px, but when contracted to 400px the content will get cut off. How can I set up a conditional on the button to hide when it is not needed as the content in the text element is not getting cut off.

This all needs to be dynamic as it is in a repeating group and each text element content will be unique and the number of characters will be unknown.

I would attempt to determine how many characters of a specific font/size fit in that text element at its specific container’s width and build the condition from there. Cannot think how to approach this any other way.

Thanks, that is something I’ve suggested in the past as well, was hoping maybe there’d be a way. This issue has been brought up since 2016 and seems like it should be possible to push out a fix by the way of having a conditional yes/no value.

From my perspective, if the code used to determine if the content is too much for the element, which causes it to be cut off, there should be a way to pass that determination through a yes/no value that we could access.

Something like “Text ABC content is cut off is yes” to be used in conditionals.

I also thought perhaps there was a plugin that I wasn’t able to spot that could do that.

Makes sense :+1:t2:

Let’s see if within the changes they are planning under their new editor, vertical management is something they address.

hey @boston85719

Any luck on this? Having the EXACT same problem.


No…you may want to add it to the Bubble ‘ideaboard’