A really weird bug is stopping me from launching my app

I’ve already sent a bug report and I’m working customer support. However, I’m adding this here in case someone else has already dealt with a similar problem and may be able to provide some insight.

My app is basically a digital blackboard that is supposed to help language instructors write notes down as they teach. It’s quite simple: expressions are typed and when ‘enter’ is pressed, they are added to a database.

The problem is I get this error. The word saves for a fraction of a second to the database and then it gets erased except for the first letter. I’ve isolated the issue to the keyboard trigger plugin I’m using (the workflow works fine with a button press). I’ve already contacted the plugin creator and I’m waiting to hear back.

Any ideas what might be causing this? What sucks is that this is the last issue that’s stopping me from launching my app and if I can’t fix this, I will probably need to rebuild this with another platform.

Can you share your app in view only mode?

Also, I’m wondering actually: are you using the plugin to trigger the workflow when user press enter? Because if a field is linked to a button, the same behavior will happen without a plugin.

I’m using the plugin to trigger the workflow. It works with a button but I want users to be able to rapidly type and enter expressions, and having to press a button is inconvenient.

Bubble claims that I can build any app with it. What I’m building is not that complex. It should bend to my will, not the other way around.

The link is to the app not to the editor.

What I mean is that, if you expect user to press “enter” on is keyboard and this trigger workflow, is that you don’t need a plugin todo that. Actually, I don’t need to click on the “POST” button, just press enter. But this is something that doesn’T requiere a plugin for that.

It doesn’t? How would I be able to trigger the workflow by pressing ‘enter’ without a plugin?

Like I said, you don’t need a plugin to trigger on “enter”. If a button is linked to a field, and you press enter after filled information in this field, the workflow assigned to the button will trigger.

You can also have “When field input have changed” workflow. And enter will trigger it (if this is not a multiline text field)

Here’s an example:

I just implemented it and it works. Thank you!

You were way more help than Bubble support.

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Just to be clear, you’re using the “value is changed” workflow?

I’m doing that now. Unfortunately now it changes whenever I click outside as well.

In my example I’m using two ways. With a button (that also work on enter. Put input and button into a group).
Or When input value change. This will trigger on “enter” or if you escape the field. But only if data have changed (so if you enter again and doesn’t make change, it won’t trigger).

Ok cool. I don’t care about the button. How do avoid it getting triggered when I escape the field?

If you choose to trigger on input value has changed, you cannot choose this.
With a button, it will only trigger on enter

Actually, in your setting, you should only have a workflow on the button like you have. Delete the workflow triggered by plugin. I think that your issue was created by a conflict between the button trigger and the plugin trigger.

So if I create an invisible button that initiates the workflow, how do I get the button to trigger when I press enter?

I’ve already removed the plugin.

You don’t need to do anything else. Set your workflow on the button and put button and field into the same group.
I forget to share the editor link with you

You will see how I trigger both field. One is on the button and the other is on the value field change.

How do I share my editor? I looked at your workflow and I still can’t figure out where I am going wrong.

you cna just copy paste url editor and put your editor in setting to Everyone can view

I think the issue is your input is linked to your button and mine is not for some reason.