Pressing enter key in input does not trigger button workflow


Like it has been said in other posts, I have an input field (single line text field) and a button in the same group. Clicking on the button, when the input field is not empty, triggers a workflow. However, pressing enter does not initiate the workflow associated with the button. Is there something I need to do beyond just having input and button in the same group?


There is an option for defeating/enabling enter as submit. Sure you don’t have that set incorrectly?

I don’t seem to have that enabled:

Are you sure your input linked in a meaningful way/used in the corresponding workflow?

(Aside: Also, you’re now discovering that vague descriptions of issues in Bubble pretty much immediately escalate to “MOOOOVE… lemme fix your editor”. There’s no other way for that to work in drag/drop/visual coding environments. No StackOverflow for you!)

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Hi Keith,

Thanks for the quick reply. Input is definitely used in a workflow. Once the button is clicked, a loading animation is triggered, the input’s value is passed to an API, the result is stored in the database, and the result is also displayed on the page, and the loading animation is then hidden. Is that maybe not meaningful enough for the button and the input to get linked?


Hi there, @ali7e… to the best of my knowledge, what you described should work (i.e., pressing Enter should run the button’s workflow). If you haven’t done this already, you could try adding an An input’s value is changed workflow event for the input, and have the event run the same actions that are run when the button is clicked.

Hope this helps.


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