A Thing's Slug Parameters


I’m curious to know whether it is possible to use a thing’s slug value for a url parameter.

For example, in my app I have a repeating group. In that repeating group is a list of a user’s submitted tech support request.

Currently, the way that I have this is that if a request/ticket is clicked it will go to a new page called “request” and send the ticket’s unique ID as its parameter in the URL.

But now, I’m trying to avoid the user going to a new page and I am testing out the request/ticket opening up as a popup instead, which works just fine. However, later on I will want to email the creator of the request a link to the request so that when they click the link in their email, the app will open up and their request will open up automatically.

The only thing is, to do this, I need to specifically reference this popup’s slug, but when I open the popup in test mode, I do not see the popup’s url, I still see the user’s profile and their unique parameter.

I’m not entirely familiar with Slugs, but is it possible to send a thing’s slug as a link so that when that link is clicked it will automatically open the app and open the popup for a specific request/ticket?

A popup doesn’t have a URL like a page does as it is an element on a page, but what you could do it on page load check the page URL for a reference/ticket ID and if it has one show the popup and pass data to the popup relevant to the ticket ID in the URL.

Hope that helps



Thank you Simon

I will try that.

I think this tutorial may help

it’s about URL paths but you can use the same logic with URL params.