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Send email with URL + Parameters

Hi - sorry brand new to bubble. So might be an easy answer …
I’m just creating a workflow - Step 1 creates a thing, Step 2 creates a random 8 digit slug and in Step 3 I would like to send and email that includes a URL with the just created slug attached as a Parameter.

The question is how to address this 8 digit slug - what’s the variable name for it?

Before I used the E-Mail field from Step 1 instead and here it worked flawlessly with “URL?email=Input Enter your email’s value”
But I don’t like to send email addresses in an email …

Hey there. I dont have experience with slugs but I have done something similar using unique ID’s and URL parameters.

Yea - usind slugs was just the lazy way, because I thought as the field exists anyway let’s use it. How did you make it work with the unique ID ?

You will send the URL in the email (you can use “this page URL” and then manually type ?yourparameter= And then the next text will be whatever parameter you are trying to send. for example current user’s uniqueid. Something like this:
In this case the parameter was called uniqueid

Worked for me in my testing i just did real quick. Then whatever group or page you are displaying will pull the infor from the URL using that parameter name.

EDIT: You can then use HTML to make it look like a more user friendly link etc.