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Slugs not showing in URL

This is for our webapp,

If you scroll down to the homepage and click “view post”, it still opens with a unique ID in the URL. We have slugs inputted into every data entry. There’s also a workflow to generate slugs upon post creation. We’re using the bubble native “open a new page” and sending the post data into the page.

I’ve also tried custom JS:‘Website home URLstories/Parent group’s Post’s Slug’,’_blank’);

, but I can’t pull up the data entry in the new page. I’ve disabled it in the live version for now.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue, where the slugs just don’t take effect?

Or am I just stupid and doing this wrong :smiley:

Is the page set to the correct data type? When you send data to a page, you can either use query strings which you can pull using “get data from url” or you can set the content type of the page and send the unique ID or slug.

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Check your privacy settings on the datatype and make sure the slug is not restricted by privacy rules

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Appreciate the help-- looks like I had unchecked it for the common user on the privacy rules :smiley:

Silly me…

It’s always privacy rules

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