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A user is not seeing any data

Hi All,

I have just published my app to a small number of users to start testing.
One of the users is saying they can’t see any data in the app. They are using Chrome on a PC.
I have logged on as them using their credentials and can see everything fine.

I tried it on Chrome and Safari on my mac and Chrome and IE on a PC and everything is working as expected.

Any thoughts at all at what could be causing this (other than user error). Maybe cache?


Have them try another browser. If they’re able to see data there, then you know its a problem with their Chrome. Have them clear the cache on Chrome, if that doesn’t work, it might take a uninstall/reinstall. You might also want to consider that they may be infected with malware causing their Chrome to act differently than it should.

There’s something going on the last couple of days for me as well.
When loading a page, sometimes some of the data doesn’t load.
Never been like this before. One of my users has also been reporting this.

edit: After some testing, seems like the issues appear the first time I send data to a group and display that group. If I close the group and open it again, the data appears.

Also, when thinking about it, I’ve had to wait for the “saving…” for several minutes and sometimes just had to reload the page and abandon changes. @emmanuel have you had any other reports on this ?

Interesting to hear that you’re experiencing some of these problems too. I have some data elements not load and had to refresh the page to see it.
I have also noticed that load times have been slower than normal the past day or so and have also had to do the same a couple of times.

I have been moving through different internet connections so have assumed that it was likely that, but interesting to hear if there have been other reports.

No we haven’t. If you can reproduce reliably a bug report would be great.

got this many time today… To be continued. But 98% of the time, it’s fine.

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Same here, it doesn’t seem very consistent so it’s hard to recreate reliably.

Back to my original issue briefly, The user had bookmarked the page ‘inside’ the app and when they were clicking the bookmark, it was taking them to that page without them being logged in so not returning any data.

I need to add a redirect on page load function where the user is not logged in to resolve this I think.