A user with a sketchy email signed up - what should I do?

A user with an email domain name that seems like it could be a scam signed up for my app. They had some odd behavior as well, going back and forth through a bunch of the same pages. I am fairly confident that my privacy rules are setup correctly, but is there any way to validate the safety of my app? Should I delete the user’s account? Any insight into this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hey there @peter.kwitnyl,

I actually just learned something from reading an @AirDev gitbook page.

Check out this article: https://docs.airdev.co/functionality-reference/resources/performance-and-privacy-rules-testing-with-chrome-devtools#privacy-rules

It teaches you how to use Chrome DevTools to test your privacy settings!

In terms of deleting a user account. If you have no terms of use/service that you would violate doing this then go for it. Otherwise, I would just leave it unless it breaks one of your terms when the user signed up.


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