Phantom email in use

Hey, I wanted to sign up/add a user through the app data but I realized that I can’t add a password. So now I wanted to sign this user up ‘traditionally’ but I got a notification that this email address is already in use. The problem is that, this user wasn’t created and this email is now in my database like a ghost, and I can’t use a different email address for that. So, how can I maybe delete it from my database for good or maybe create an account on this email in some other way? Thank you.

Hi @rainskiv

Go to App Data → Users, select the user you want to delete, and click on Delete!

After that you should be able to signup traditionally through your signup page with the same email address

Unfortunately it didn’t create an entry.

Have you checked both dev and live databases?
Have you tried refreshing the editor page?

Yes I did

I have never experienced that - the “this email address is already in use” error is only supposed to show when a User with the same email address already exists in your DB. And existing Users should always show up under the All Users table…

Also make sure you’re not using filters in your App Data view… if not, I would suggest reporting a bug to Bubble’s support team

Could I maybe see something more about this in server logs?