Pishing or hacking scam


I have created an app on bubble but not shared it with anyone except close friends and family.

Late last night a new user signed up called “Paul M”. I emailed them to see how they had found the app… they replied saying they have been “monitoring my activities and are interested”… they then said they would send a link. The link has now arrived which I will not click on.

Any ideas what they might be trying to do here? should I delete them from my app?

Are you using you own domain? And is your app is live?

Hi Jici - no it is a bubble domain. The app is live and function but we are not ready for any real users. I don’t understand how they found it because we have not published or promoted it anywhere.

I suggest you to do a good scan of your PC.

This is not impossible to find bubble apps using search engine however. So it’s hard to tell what happen.

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Can’t you prevent sign-ups until you are ready for customers? And as @Jici stated, it’s quite easy for anyone to discover a publicly accessible web page; and one should never rely on “security through obscurity”. It certainly won’t become less of an issue the more popular Bubble gets.


Thanks for your help.

I have discovered the source of the issue and have resolved it.

What was the source?

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unfortunately a colleague who thought they were being very funny…


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