Separating Users into Three Databases for Marketplace App

Hi! I’m working on a Marketplace Application which will have three kinds of users - buyers, sellers, and administrators.

I want to have a sign up and login page for each of the different kinds of users, but the Bubble action provided for log in and sign up only works for the “User” database.

I know the recommendation is to have a data field for “Type of User” under User which can differentiate the three different types, but is it possible to have three separate databases for my three user types instead?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It is possible to make three different types of users in the database but only the one that uses default “User” will have access to built in functions such as “Current User”. The best thing would be to create an option set called “User Type”. Then give it three options or however many you need. Then on User you can create a field called type that has a type of “User Type”. It would be pretty simple to sort and filter based on that field.

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