Create buyer & seller

Hey, Any tips on how to create buyer & seller functionality :slight_smile:?

What kind of tips are you looking for?

The buyer login and order an items and pay , after the payment the items appear at the seller dashboard, with the buyer + order details
I need to create different users
buyer to seller

Bubble can definitely do all of that, but if you’re looking for a step-by-step guide no one can walk you through it exactly how you want it. Of course start with some tutorials that are at least similar to what you’re looking for.

Probably to start with you should create all your data types and make sure the relationship between them makes sense

For example if you want an Amazon style structure where you buy from a specific store, you would make a Seller data type with some fields like “Name”, “Email” so you give the seller a “name”

Then make a data type called “Product” with some fields like Name, Description, Price (make this one number, not text) and finally a field called “Seller” with the type “Seller” just like the one you created earlier.

Or if you’re doing an eBay style store where you buy from a specific User, then don’t make the seller data type, and under the Product make a field called “Seller” but with the type “User” so it’s being sold by a specific User instead of a shop

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Hey, thank you for the help may I know how the user will signup as seller, and how bubble will know which user is a seller and buyer?

So if you’re modeling after eBay, a user is kind of both a Buyer and a Seller if you think about it. However if you’re specifically splitting up users, then create a new Option Set called “User type” and make an option Seller, and an option Buyer.

Then under the User data type add a field called “Type” and make the type your Option set. So on User creation you will set the User’s Type to either a Buyer or Seller.

Or if you check the box to make it a list, you can basically make the User a buyer and a seller, or make a user just a buyer, or just a seller. With this structure as a buyer only, on user creation set the field “Type” add “Buyer”. Or if you want them to be both then it’s “Type” add “Buyer” and also do “Type” add “Seller”.

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So I don’t know how to want to setup the users sign up page, but if you have the same page for signing up you could have a dropdown picking if they are a Buyer or Seller. So when they click the “Sign up” button it set’s the User’s Type to the Dropdown’s value.

If you have the sign up pages split so a separate page for a seller, then when they click the Sign up button it will just assume they are a seller and set their Type to Seller.

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Here is my attempt to do it

here is my question, how i can trigger the current user to one of these options, for example

Users can signup and by default setup as buyers , how this can be done

Thank you

First make the Buyer default as it is showing in your screenshot. Just select Buyer as default. Now come back to front end form and place a check box with label:
“Mark as Seller”
Now if user check this checkbox, then system will create user as type Seller, on the other hand if user does not check this checkbox, system will create user as Buyer.

This thing will handle in workflows when you are creating a user. Use Only When area and place the condition there.

@usamazia thank you for the replay , i did what you wrote , but my question

How the current user as buyer will relate to the seller ,

When the current user “buyer” buy from the other user “seller”

I want the seller see the orders from the buyers they bought from him .

@arumizan we need to create some logic, if you do not mind can we make a quick Google meet call ? It will be easy to debug while seeing the Data types and all.
Here is my email address

But if you are not comfortable for a call, reply here, I will think in the meantime the way around for your query.

I sent an email to you

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