A way to show a list of images

Hi all,
At the moment I have a data type called ‘posts’, within that there is a data type called ‘images’ which is a list of images. I currently can’t find out how to show all the images from that post. For example when clicked, to show all of that posts images.

hi, if you have a repeating group of all posts

inside each cell of the repeating group put another repeating group that has as its type of content: image
and showing the current cell s post s list of images.

I’ve done this and tried with a different data source but it still doesn’t show the collection of photos

where it says source in the options popup you screenshotted, you need to add “current cells post list of images”

make sure this repeating group is actually inside the other one

Does it have to inside the same repeating group to work? At the moment I have a pop-up displayed when the user clicks on an image of the repeating group. Is there no way to do it this way?