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Building a new plugin for design, draw, and image editing

Hello Everyone,

I decided to build a big plugin that enables everyone to make a design editor online app like canvas.

I focused on every function needed to make such an app and tried to make it available using this plugin, you can add any element, customize everything and get all the workflow and actions that help to build a design app.

Even you need a small design or image editing feature inside your app, i think this plugin will help you.

some of the use cases in my mind:

  • Build design editor
  • small image editor
  • Custom product design for eCommerce website
  • Website feedback tool using a screenshot

Some of the main points in my mind building the plugin

  • make it as easy to use as possible
  • try to lower the use of complex workflow and action to use the plugin to improve the performance of the website
  • offer all the features needed to build a very complex design app using the plugin.

Here is a video demo of what is getting right now

If anyone has any feature in his mind and needs it to be available in this plugin, it will be very helpful to tell me to consider it in my backlog

also as this plugin is very complex and needs a lot of testing, if anyone is interested in testing the plugin with me I can give him access to the private version

== Updates ===
live demo to test first use case (design editor)

=== New Update =====

  • Fix some bugs
  • New feature - get the list of all layers with image
  • select layer with action
  • Show/Hide specific layer with action
  • export canvas as SVG
  • Update SVG colors


Great. I think you are adding most of those features that are available in photoshop/illustrator. If even a mini version of that is possible through this plugin, it would be really helpful. When are you planning on releasing the initial version?

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Holy moly!!! :astonished:
This looks amazing.
Congratulations. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thank you @ahmad.salman
for the release time, about 90% of the main plugin code is done, so I expect about 1 month to finish the rest of the backlog, testing, fixing issues, and write the documentation
I will keep you updated here

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This interests me. How would you use it like that?

the plugin gives you the feature to add a background image which you can add a screenshot from the website and use the editing tool to add text, shapes, lines above this image.
the process in mind that you can add the image editing tool inside a pop usable element which has a data type image, and when use click a button on any page you take a screenshot and send it to this popup and user add his feedback using editing tool

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@momen I would really like to use it because it could make the UX better in many cases!

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I think this will open many new user cases for Bubble, If you interests i can give you access to the first alpha release to test

I have inteterest to test it, Momen. I built a block visual page builder but not created a plugin out of it.

This is awesome!

Is it possible to connect the text element dynamically to database data?

Also, is there any way for the user to create a database of image objects that can be easily added to the canvas? Use case would be diagraming of some sort.

Great work!

@Landowski great, I will share with you once I get to the alpha version to add your bubble app to testing in the plugin

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Yes sure, the text element has text stats which is updated automatically every time the selected text is changed, and also a workflow fired when the canvas is modified so you can trigger an action when this workflow happened to save the selected text into the database

yes in the demo you will notice that I added images from external API into the canvas, images can be added with action with file URL so user can add his own files from the database or even by upload

Amazing plugin congratulations, I’m interested on it. I just send pm

Hello Everyone,
I just want to share with you the progress of the plugin development, I keep adding main features and fixing bugs, and testing different use case

I started with a very complex use case to make a web design editor with bubble-like Canva
here is a basic demo for this use case

My next demo use case will be a website screenshot feedback, in which the user can click on any button and take a screenshot from the current page and open this screenshot in the editor so the user can add text and shapes for his feedback

I would love to test this plugin of yours. When you can, add me to the list.

@filipecvarela I think I will release a testing version this week, once i release it I can add people to test it



Just curious if you think you will still be releasing a test version this week?

Yes, @talenttoo , I think I can add some apps to test this week, I’m working on documentation now to make it easy to understand how it works.

But for the official release I’m not sure when i could do this as Stripe is not supported in my country so trying to find a way

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I release the plugin in the Alpha version but it is private, so I think it is ready to be tested, if anyone is interested in testing it DM me.

Also, I’m working on a simple documentation show how to use it at this link

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