[ New Plugin ] Creative editor to create and Edit graphics in bubble app

Hello Everyone,

I just released a big plugin that enables everyone to make a design editor online app like canvas.

I focused on every function needed to make such an app and tried to make it available using this plugin, you can add any element, customize everything and get all the workflow and actions that help to build a design app.

Even if you need a small design or image editing feature inside your app, i think this plugin will help you.

some of the use cases in my mind:

  • Build design editor
  • small image editor
  • Custom product design for eCommerce website
  • Website feedback tool using a screenshot

==== Check te plugin from here ======

Here is a video demo for what you can get using the plugin

----- Basic Demo page -------

----- Advanced Editor Demo [Beta] -------


This is impressive. Nice work. :+1:

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Thanks @lantzgould

[new update v 1.2.0] -

  • New: Support GIF elements - now you can add gif elements with add gif action
  • New: loader element: now canvas has a built-in loader for actions that take some time, for example, adding an image from a URL.
  • New: Uniform scaling option (lock proportion) - now you can lock the proportion of any object to keep its aspect ratio while scaling
  • Tweak: restructure the plugin code to improve performance and support more advanced features
  • Fix: canvas not auto-centered after load design or update design dimension
  • Fix: issue with canvas background image when updating other canvas option
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[new update v 1.3.0]
Canvas element now supports auto-binding to autosave the design as JSON text in bubble database

How does it work?
when any modifications happened to canvas it pushes the new value of the current design in text JSON format, connect this to your design datatype and it will save the design automatically as it updated

check the new demo editor here

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Wow, congratulations man … amazing plugin, zero lag, very snappy … will keep an eye on dev & new features :+1:

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This is amazing work.

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Hi @momen, very impressive work. Do you plan on supporting video files also ?

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